CSISAC Declines to Support OECD Principles on Internet Policy-Making

The CISASAC has declined to support an OECD Communique, stating that it could undermine "online freedom of expression, freedom of information, the right to privacy, and innovation across the world." CSISAC Press Release. CSISAC Statement. The OECD Communique was released at an OECD High Level Meeting in Paris - "The Internet Economy: Generating Innovation and Growth." Statement of Consumer Federation of America and Consumers Union. Statement of European Digital Rights. Internet Governance Project Statement. Public Knowledge Statement. EFF Statements [1] [2]. CIPPIC Statement and Press Release. RSF Statement supporting CSISAC's decision. APC Statement. Digitale Gesellschaft (German NGO) Statement in support of CSISAC's decision. La Quadrature du Net Statement in support of CSISAC's decision [1] and [2].


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