CSISAC is the voice of civil society at the OECD's Committee on the Digital Economy Policy. We facilitate the exchange of information between the OECD and civil society participants, leading to better-informed and more widely accepted policy frameworks.

A group of people talking about the CSISAC goals of privacy and freedom, open standards, decent work, and a free digital culture.



CSISAC will be represented at 2016 OECD Ministerial on Digital Economy

February 27, 2015

CSISAC will participate in the 2016 OECD Ministerial on Digital Economy in Mexico in May 2016. CSISAC will convene a meeting for civil society organizations concerning the future of the Internet. The Ministerial will also encourage emerging and developing countries to discuss how Internet policy making can address current and emerging issues in a way that helps mitigate risks to, and maximises the economic and social benefits of, the Internet economy.

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