CSISAC Hosts Civil Society Forum at OECD Ministerial

June 21, 2016

Civil society organizations from more than a dozen countries are hosting a forum "Toward an Inclusive, Equitable, and Accountable Digital Economy" in Mexico. The forum is organized under the auspices of the Civil Society Information Society Advisory Council (CSISAC), "the voice of civil society at the OECD," in conjunction with the OECD Ministerial on the Digital Economy. The CSISAC Forum features NGO leaders, technology experts and government decision makers. The NGOs affirmed the Seoul Declaration and also called attention to new issues for the digital economy, such as algorithmic transparency, market consolidation, and metrics for human rights and social progress. CSISAC is an outgrowth of the Public Voice campaign to promote civil society participation in decisions concerning the future of the Internet. Similar NGO meetings were held in Ottawa in 1998 and Seoul in 2008. #CSISAC #OECDdigitalMX