Proclamation of the 2015-2017 Steering Committee of the CSISAC

June 5, 2015

The following members of CSISAC have been elected to stand for the Steering Committee for the 2015-2017 term:

  • Marc Rotenberg (EPIC)
  • Hanno Wagner (EDRI)
  • Jeremy Malcolm (EFF)
  • Bruce Arnold (APF)
  • Michael Gurstein (individual member)
  • Mohammad Tarakiyee (
  • Claire Milne (individual member)
  • Susan Grant (individual member)

With this notice, the 2015-2017 Steering Committee of the CSISAC gets formally constituted.

The CSISAC Steering Committee is elected by the CSISAC members to manage the coalition and represent it for a two-year term. The maximum size of the Steering Committee is eight members, and they are elected in two steps. First, a maximum of 5 members are elected through vote by the membership. Second, the elected candidates can appoint other CSISAC members to improve the territorial, gender and expertise balance of the final composition.

The election for the 2015-2017 Steering Committee took place without incidents, following the planned schedule. 69 out of 115 ballots were processed using an open source voting platform, with the results below. The platform provided anonymity and random display of candidates to ensure a fair, open and transparent process.

  1. Marc Rotenberg (EPIC) 40 78.43%
  2. Hanno Wagner (EDRi) 40 78.43%
  3. Jeremy Malcolm (EFF) 34 66.67%
  4. Bruce Arnold (APF) 31 60.78%
  5. Michael Gurstein (Individual member) 24 47.06%

The result offered a good balance between old and new members, ensuring an effective transfer of knowledge and duties from the previous Steering Committee. However, territorial and gender diversity was found to be improvable. With that purpose, the elected members agreed on appointing the following members:

  1. Mohammad Tarakiyee (APF)
  2. Claire Milne (individual member)
  3. Susan Grant (individual member)
  4. In addition, individual member Renata Avila has been proposed to stand as replacement for individual members. This way, any potential resignation of an individual member of the Steering Committee will result in the increase of gender and territorial diversity.

    Update: APC requested Mohammad Tarakiyee to be replaced by Deborah Brown, and Susan Grant was replaced by the designated replacement for individual members.