Schedule for the elections of the CSISAC Steering Committee

January 5, 2015

The CSISAC Steering Committee is elected by the CSISAC members to manage the coalition and represent it for a two-year term. As a preparation for the forthcoming elections, the census has been reviewed by the membership, and the list of members updated and published.

The following schedule has been agreed to held the election of the Steering Committee for the 2015-2017 term (always Paris time, CET/ CEST timezone):

  • Nomination: 2 weeks, from 02 to 15 of May
  • Deliberation: 1 week, from 16 to 22 of May
  • Vote: 1 week , from 23 to 29 of May

Any member of CSISAC can nominate candidates for the Steering Committee providing the following information:

  • Full name, mail and country/ region of the candidate
  • Brief statement on the expected contribution of the candidate
  • Short bio, including reference to the most related CSISAC goals

Once the nomination period is over, a deliberation week will allow to solve any possible incident and clarify any doubt about the nominations. After that, voters will receive a ballot to select up to five candidates. Finally, and consistently with the committment of CSISAC with diversity, the elected candidates can appoint other CSISAC members to ensure gender, regional and expertise balance. The maximum final size of the Steering Committee is eight members.

The full detail of the Steering Committee election can be found in the document describing CSISAC election process.