OECD Workshop on Measuring Online Platforms, Cloud Computing and Related Services

July 25, 2018

The Civil Society council (CSISAC) is looking for expressions of interest from civil Society participants to take part in the OECD Workshop on Online Platforms, Cloud Computing and Related Services.

As part of the OECD Going Digital measurement initiatives we are organising a 2-days workshop next 6/7 September on two key measurement challenges: (1) how to measure economic activities conducted through online platforms; and (2) how to measure the supply and demand of cloud computing and related products in economic statistics. Please see the attachment for more information on the Workshop. The discussion at the workshop will help identifying the data needed for measurement of online platforms, cloud services and related products in economic statistics and avenues through which these data can be gathered. The recommendations will be included in the overall Measurement Roadmap, a key part of the "Measuring the Digital Transformation" publication which will be launched at the main Going Digital conference in March 2019.