Civil Society at the G20 Ministerial on Digitalisation

April 5, 2017

CSISAC member Pam Dixon (World Privacy Forum) will take part as a panelist in the stakeholder event to be held 6 April in Düsseldorf, in the context of the G20 Ministerial meeting on Digitalisation. In addition that, other CSISAC members will take part in the meeting, including Wolfgang Kleinwächter and Renata Ávila.

The participation of CSISAC members takes place in the context of the dialogue between the OECD and G20 on the transformations produced by digitalisation, and it will be guided by the G7/G20 Digitalisation Task Force position. The Civil Society G7/ G20 Digitalisation Task Force, was constituted in agreement with the C20 to open a channel for the participation of civil society in the G20 dialogue on digitalisation.