CSISAC to participate at the 2016 Internet Governance Forum

December 2, 2016

The Civil Society Council (CSISAC) of the OECD Committee on Digitalisation will take part in the 2016 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) to be held in Guadalajara (Mexico). Steering Committee member Marc Rotenberg from EPIC will  participate in behalf of CSISAC. Many other CSISAC members will organize and take part in the many workshops and panels during the event,  including civil society representation at the High Level Meeting in the beginning of the event thanks to Mishi Choudari.

The CSISAC has been invited to take part in the workshop organized by the OECD in the event to present the outcomes of the 2016  Ministerial Meeting, held in Cancún (Mexico) in June this year. CSISAC Steering Committee member Marc Rotenberg from EPIC will be invited to present the perspective of the Civil Society Stakeholder, as a result of the Civil Society Forum held in the first day of the high level meeting, Towards an Inclusive, Equitable, and Accountable Digital Economy. The OECD is expected to present the outcomes of the Ministerial and its follow up, the Horizontal Project on Digitalisation to be implemented in the 2017-2018 period, to be launched in the context of the next G20 process.

In addition to that, the OECD planned to present the Broadband Toolkit for Latin America and the Caribbean, a pivotal develoment to guide the deployment of the Information and Communication Technologies in the region. The CSISAC will continue working with the leading NGOs of the area to improve the recommendation and to monitor its implementation in their countries. The OECD participation in the IGF will be closed with a panel on competition on the digital age will close the OECD organized activities, a tangible outcome of the effort lead by the CSISAC at the OECD to take into account the risk of digital monopolies in the digitalisation process.

Beyond the OECD related activity, many CSISAC members will be taking part in the various activities at the IGF. Among the most visible interventions, CSISAC member Mishi Choudari will take the floor in the High Level meeting to be held at the beginning of the event, together with speakers representing technical communities like ISOC or ICANN, in addition to corporaions  and governments. CSISAC Steering Committee membes will participate as well, including Marc Rotenberg from EPIC to take part in the workshop about encryption and safety of journalists in the digital age; and Jeremy Malcolm from EFF, who will organize workshops on the right to be forgotten, and on the relation between trade agreements and Internet governance.

Other activities supported by CSISAC members include the Open Forum Germany moderated by Wolfgang Kleinwächter; Katitza Rodrigues from EFF will co-organize a panel on surveillance and international rights together with Luis Fdo. García from R3D, who also takes part in a panel on the right to access in Latin America; Milton Muller will co-organize a panel on Internet domain fragmentation and another one on the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to the Internet;  Rafik Dammak on the power of non-commercial users of the Internet and also another one on the answerability of the multi-stakeholder model, where Jeannette Hoffman will participate as speaker;and ; Renata Aquino on gender and access; John Carr will speak in the workshop on the Internet of Toys and Things., and Hernán Galperin on a panel about connecting the unconnected.

The CSISAC Secretariat will be providing support to its members all along the meeting to facilitate coordination towards fostering the Civil Society Goals in the dialogue, and to facilitate engagement of civil society experts in the OECD policy-making work for 2017-2018.