CSISAC to engage in the OECD-G20 Dialogue

December 13, 2016

At the 73rd session of the CDEP, the OECD announced a dialogue with the G20 on digitalisation in the context of the focus given by the G20 Presidency to the topic, and the planned OECD horizontal project on digitalisation.

The CSISAC has been invited to take part in that dialogue, and the CSISAC has accepted the invitation towards fostering the Civil Society Principles in the G20 extension of the OECD work on the digital economy. The OECD has welcomed CSISAC proposal to extend the current participatory structure to the G20 meetings, having the Liaison plus one representative appointed by the Steering Committee to participate in behalf of the CSISAC. Several CSISAC members have expressed their interest in taking part in that process, and the Steering Committee will be exploring the opportunities with that purpose.

The first step for the OECD-G20 dialogue will be a meeting to be held the 12th of January in Berlin. In addition to this, a consultation process has been launched to set the thematic priorities for the civil society process (C20). The CSISAC is encouraging its members to take part in the consultation towards ensuring a proper alignment between the civil society process and the G20 focus on digitalisation.