OECD planning to hold a Ministerial on the Digital Economy in 2016

January 31, 2015

OECD work to date has helped solidify the general understanding of the Internet as a general purpose technology and the need to preserve its open and decentralised nature. Yet further work is needed to demonstrate that good Internet policy making not only supports an expanding open Internet economy, but also stimulates innovation and economic and social growth.

The next Ministerial meeting will encourage the ongoing dialogue and associate emerging and developing countries to discuss how Internet policy making can address current and emerging issues in a way that helps mitigate risks to, and maximises the economic and social benefits of, the Internet economy.

Demonstrating the importance of Internet policy making will also set the scene for a discussion on how innovation in the Internet economy can be leveraged to address key challenges in the economy and society that demand policy attention now or in the near future, such as lack of jobs growth and ageing populations.